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The Grove by the River

Camping Rules and Regulations

Campground Boundaries / River

  • The land and river to the north and south of the campground are private property. Please no trespassing.

  • No personal items outside of your designated camp site.

  • Caution river on property. Enter at your own risk.

  • No waste water or trash dumping in the river.


Vehicles / Traffic

  • Limit 1 vehicle per site at any time. NO EXCEPTIONS! This includes motorcycles.

  • No parking in vacant campsites.

  • Visitor and temporary parking is in the banquet hall parking lot.

  • Overnight parking in the banquet hall is by permit only. Guests are assigned a designated space. Contact camp office for current rates.

  • Additional vehicle passes may be purchased per vehicle/per day, or for the season. Contact the office for current rates.

  • Vehicles may only be parked in designated areas; no double parking.

  • Vehicles must display their parking pass at all times.

  • Vehicles are required to drive the correct direction through the one-way circle.

  • No commercial vehicles are permitted to be parked on the property.

  • Three (3) parking/traffic violations will result in expulsion from the property with no refund.


Pet Policy

  • Limit two (vaccinated) pets per camp site.

  • Pets must be on a leash at all times.

  • Pets must be accompanied by an owner at all times. No pets tied up or caged outside without an owner preset.

  • Pets must be cleaned up after.

  • No pet stakes or pet cables permitted.

  • No pets permitted on the playground.

  • No pets permitted in buildings with the exception of service animals.

  • Pets must be declared at the start of your reservation and cannot be added later.

  • Visitors are not permitted to bring pets into the campground.

  • Three (3) pet violations will result in expulsion from the property with no refund.


Smoking Policy

  • No smoking within 30 feet of any building.

  • Butts must be placed in appropriate receptacles not on the ground.

  • No smoking on the playground.


Alcohol Policy

  • Alcohol is prohibited within the boundaries of the campground.

  • Three (3) alcohol violations will result in expulsion from the property with no refund.


Tree Policy

  • No nails, screws or tacks in trees.

  • No trimming/cutting/removal of trees.

  • No hanging items between trees.



  • Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times.

  • Children may not play in or near the river unattended.


Bathhouse Policy

  • Available to registered guests only.

  • Please limit showers to 10 minutes.

  • Children must be accompanied by an adult.

  • Report any damage to the camp office. Do not attempt to make any repairs yourself.

  • Do not flush anything except toilet paper in the toilets.

  • No smoking in our around the bathhouse.


Sewer Connections

  • Do not flush anything except toilet paper in toilets.

  • Sewer connections must be screwed in.

  • Report any spills to camp office.

  • Dump station is available for a fee.


Gate Policy

  • Gates close when staff leave for the day.

  • Gate may not be left open after hours.

  • Lost or damaged gate openers must be reported to the camp office.

  • Gate openers may be dropped in the afterhours drop box or returned to the camp office.

  • For the safety of all, a guest that opens the gate after hours is RESPONSIBLE for closing the gate behind them.


Visitor Policy

  • Visitor parking is limited to the banquet hall parking lot.

  • No visitors permitted after 8pm.

  • Overnight guests must be registered at the camp office before 5:00 pm.


Quiet Time Policy

  • Quiet hours 10 pm – 7 am.


Bicycle Policy

  • Peddle powered bikes are permitted on driveways, parking lots, and in the playground.

  • Safety equipment encouraged.


Concealed Carry Policy

  • Individuals with state issued concealed carry license must follow all state laws.

  • No concealed carry permitted in the banquet hall.


Campfire Policy

  • Fires must be attended at all times.

  • Fires must be contained within designated rings.

  • No trash burning.

  • Fires must be completely extinguished and doused with water when before retiring for the evening or exiting the campground.


Check Out Policy

  • Check out time is 11 am.

  • No refunds for early check out.


Trash Policy

  • Trash must be taken to the dumpster at the end of the banquet hall parking lot.

  • Trash must be placed within the dumpster and close the lid.

  • No dumping trash in the shelter house.

  • No trash left in fire rings.


Fishing Policy

  • Fishing is permitted in the river.

  • Catch and release fishing only.

  • Fishing license required.


Playground Policy

  • Playground closes at dusk.

  • Playground is designed for children.

  • No smoking on the playground.

  • No pets on the playground.

  • No bottles or glass on the playground.


Tent Camping

  • Limit 6 occupants per lot.

  • Limit 3 tents per lot.

  • Tents must be placed a minimum of 15’ apart to provide a fire-break.


RV Camping

  • Limit 4 occupants per lot.

  • Limit 1 RV per lot.

  • No additional sleeping tents, canopies, or gazebos permitted on a lot with an RV.

  • RVs including slide outs and awnings must be a minimum of 15’ from another RV or structure.


Cabin/Glamper Policy

  • Limit 6 occupants per cabin/Glamper

  • No smoking in or around sites.

  • No pets in or around sites.

  • No removing items from sites.

  • No rearranging furniture.

  • No nails/tape on the walls or decks.


Season Camping

  • Sites may not be transferred.

  • No refunds will be issued for early checkout.

  • Season camping rates cannot be prorated.

  • No washing of RVs on site.

  • No permanent decks or skirting on RVs.

  • Propane tanks must be secured in the storage area of your camper and no larger than 30 gallons.

  • Regular, overnight guests must be declared at the start of the reservation. Additional, intermittent guests may be added for a fee.

  • No altering existing landscaping.

  • Decorations must be stored within your camper when not present.

  • No trash or trash cans outside of campers.

  • Please notify staff if you will be removing your camper at any time.

  • ALL personal items must be removed from campsite whenever RV is gone for any reason.

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