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Licking/Knox Goodwill is proud to present Wild Archery Adventures - Day Camp offered at The Grove by the River on Hollander Street in Newark, Ohio. Participants will rotate through daily sessions of traditional bows and arrows, Frisbee, and Nerf targets. Games, crafts, and special theme days all week!

Camping Adventures Eventbrite 2024.jpg

Take time to slow down and enjoy the great outdoors with a week of Wild Camping Adventures. Campers learn to pitch a tent, play field day games, sing camp songs, play outdoor games, and enjoy the great outdoors!

Holiday Adventures Eventbrite 2024.jpg

Spend the week with us as we celebrate a different holiday each day of the week! We will explore all the traditions, foods, and activities for each.

River Adventures Eventbrite 2024.jpg

Explore the North Fork of the Licking River during a week of Wild River Adventures. Campers learn the importance of our local waterways while experiencing boating, swimming, and snorkeling coupled with river education and a mini River Roundup where we pick up litter and recycle.

Time Adventures Eventbrite 20245.jpg

Explore the past, present, and future as we travel through time! Each day brings new excitement, costumes, and FUN!

2024 Day Camp Schedule

Registration is not yet open for these camps.

Holiday Cooking Camp: December 14, 2024

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